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Máy đo nồng độ cồn Alco Sensor IV
Máy đo nồng độ cồn Alco Sensor IV
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  • Sensor: The fuel cell sensor generates a response that is proportional to Breath Alcohol Concentration. The response is linear and requires one point calibration.
  • Accuracy & Precision: US DOT approved for evidential use. Meets and exceeds the federal model specification for traffic enforcement and Omnibus Breath Alcohol Testing.
  • Specificity: The fuel cell sensor is sensitive to alcohol. It does not respond to acetone or other substances which are found in the breath.
  • Measurement Limits: The Alco-Sensor IV can accurately detect breath alcohol levels up to .400 BrAC.
  • Response Time: The instrument responds within 10 seconds on negative samples and within 30 - 45 seconds on positive samples.
  • Sampling Rate: The patented analytical system permits quick results, more positive tests per time period with no appreciable loss of sensitivity.
  • Calibration: Checks and calibrations should be performed with either a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) approved wet bath simulator or a dry gas standard.
  • Environmental: Any ambient temperature is acceptable provided the instrument temperature range is 10º - 40ºC.


  • Power Supply: 9 volt heavy duty alkaline battery for the ASIV

                   12 volt DC rechargeable battery for the printer with 120 or 240 volt AC automatic dual rate
                   12 volt battery charger
                   12 volt DC car cigarette lighter power adapter (optional)

  • Battery Capacity: 300+ tests per battery on ASIV

                   75 tests on fully charged printer battery on RBT IV


  • Size/Weight: 12" X 9" X 3 1/2, 12 lbs
  • Case Construction: There are ABS plastic cases on the ASIV and RBT IV printer. The carrying case is a water tight Pelicase ® .


  • Data Storage: The RBT IV has a 900 test memory and is also capable of reprinting the last completed test result.
  • Display: There is a four digit alpha-numeric LED display on the ASIV, and a two line 16 character alpha-numeric backlit LCD on the RBT IV printer.
  • Communications: The RBT IV can be connected to a computer through an RS232 adapter for downloading stored information. (RS232 jack and software are optional)
  • Software: There are several test protocols available. The unit can also be manufactured to print in a number of foreign languages.


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